Ghost Paper Archives (GPA) is a collaborative publishing project. We create and disseminate interstitial texts and imagery, both online and in print, for the Anthropocene. Humanity has happened both on and to Earth and we seek to document facets of this colonization, with a bias toward the liminal zones: the overlooked, the quotidian, the mundane hidden in plain sight.


Nate Dorr [ND] took a winding path to the present moment. He studied neuroscience, but fell through photography and live video projections into film. He operated a rodent behavior lab for eight years and curated a science film festival for seven. In the meantime, he’s written about music and film for various outlets, self-published zines and stories, drawn the collapse of the anthropocene, and become routinely lost in unfamiliar places hiding in plain sight close to home.

Nathan Grover [NG] is a reader, writer, and reckless waster of time. He’s also an an avid collaborator. In addition to his duties for the Archive, which include print layout, taking pictures of trash on the street, dematerialization, etc., he’s working on a sprawling collaborative novel with his buddy Josh, and with his other pal, Ben, has established the Department of the Interior, whose first volume of reports is due out any minute now from Ghost Paper Archives.

S. D. Stewart [SS] is a longtime zine publisher and occasional librarian. In a previous life he existed as foxfire glowing in an undisclosed woodlot. Currently he edits other people’s writing and reads more than he writes. Given a choice he would prefer to spend his days watching clouds. His novel A Set of Lines was published in 2020 by Ghost Paper Archives.

Also. . .

GPA is a not-for-profit enterprise. All proceeds contribute toward ongoing hosting and production costs.

Unsolicited manuscripts not accepted at this time.

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