How the Mud-Rabbit was Cured of Nostalgia

Mud-Rabbit is feeling nostalgic today and has floated away on a golden memory. But then he frowns. What’s up, Mud-Rabbit? Something gnawing at you?

Ick! A stowaway! Seems this nostalgia is plagued with Doubt. How is Mud-Rabbit going to enjoy himself now with Doubt scampering in every dark corner and nibbling at his provisions? Better do something quick, Mud-Rabbit, before this small Doubt becomes an infestation!

Actually, scratch that last thought. A pirate ship called the Hard Truth has just appeared in the offing and is heading toward Mud-Rabbit full sail. When it catches up, it won’t much matter. Hey, at least that infestation problem will be solved!


This is the second installment of our new collaborative series called “Trinkets” in which very small things have very small adventures. See how we’ve been making ourselves small-minded.

Author: gpa

We create and disseminate interstitial texts and imagery, both online and in print, for the Anthropocene.

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