After People

People have gone. Our archivist-reporters wander the Nobody Zone taking photos. Each photo responds to the photo that came before it, until a set has been established.

The archivist-reporters commence writing their report, taking turns connecting one photo to the next, until the photos have been integrated into a tapestry of narrative.

Absence is its own kind of presence. Uncertainty and breakdown of categorical delineation is a space of possibility.

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After People, the Nobody Zone Thirsts for Conversation

DEADPAN PLAZA—The only conversation to be heard anymore is the babble of water. Bubbly, free-flowing, and digressive—the discourse is anything but dry, but speech no longer does the work it used to. Water talks to itself of itself for itself. The water wheel of meaning and connotation has become a ferris wheel without passengers, going … Continue reading “After People, the Nobody Zone Thirsts for Conversation”

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